We didn’t get back to the mission base until 12:00 midnight.  Partly because we were stuck for an hour + when one of the vans wheel bearing broke.  We had to get another van and find a used bearing so the broken van could make it back to base.  We arrived in the late afternoon, I don’t know when because I didn’t have a watch.  The name of the village is Chocolate’.  It has only 26 families living there.  It was an awesome time playing and making friends with the kids.  I played frisbee with three + kids for a long time. I got my camera out taking pics of the kids.  After one or two shots, they would run away and get their brother or sister or friend and then have me take another.  The cool thing with the digital is they can see the picture, the bad thing with the digital is I can’t print them a picture.  I’d love to leave them with a remembrance of the time we spent together. Hermano Jesus preached the gospel to the people after we showed the Jesus film.  He gave an altar call and one whole family came forward to pray the salvation prayer and give their lives to Christ.  I suspect more seeds were planted as well.  We will be going to the second village this afternoon.  I don’t know any of the details yet, but I am sure another fantastic Spirit filled experience awaits us.

Brian Van Zanten

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