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  1. Lauren Childs Says:

    Needed to touch base with you as well. This should be an experience and a half. Very excited for you and wish I was going as well. Let your light so shine that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Thinking of you. Stay in touch.
    Love you Barb,

  2. Brian & Laura Laninga Says:

    We’ve always loved hearing your stories of things your boys did – now we can’t wait to hear the stories of what you are doing – Thanks for letting God use you in this incredibile way!

  3. teamivanrest Says:

    Hi All,
    We arrived safe and on time to Guatemala City! What a city. Lots of buses and cars and hills. Even saw some valcanos. They said we might feel some tremmors!! We are very safe though. The weather is sunny and 75!!! better than that 20 we have been getting in Michigan.
    We got our bags put in our rooms (bunk beds) and received the warnings of the water! Lots of antibacteria hand cream and bottled water.
    We spent the afternoon bagging medications to take to the villiages later this week. Lots of pills!! but a great way to get to know eachother. Supper is almost ready so I will send off.
    Thanks for the prayers and I will keep in touch.

  4. Rog and Cheri Lutke Says:

    Hi, Barb,
    Can hardly believe you’re so far away! Hope you’re as happy all week as you look on your picture! Well, most of the week anyway. I know that you’ve been to Cinn. and worked there, so you know what hard work is.
    Praying that you’ll all stay healthy and that you will be a blessing. At least you have your doc right there if you need him.
    Gods blessings! Rog and Cheri

  5. Barb Bosch Says:

    Hi again,
    It has been a beautiful day here. Sunny and 80. We went to a villiage to start building our houses today. What beautiful people we met. The kids see candy and they come running. They saw the vans and us a shouted “Gringos” and that was our welcome. Very poor people. They need our prayers. They seem very happy though. We have learned alot about contentment!! We ate an authentic Guat. meal of beans and rice with fresh chicken killed today. It was cooked by Margarita who cooks with clean water so we could eat the food. It was very good. Also some homemade torillas. It was great. Now it is shower time. Very grimy and dirty.
    We woke up this morning to first no electricity and then the electric came on but then the water was out. Welcome to Guatemala! Soon it all worked but now they just told me no juice again. So cold showers for those who feel it is worth it.
    Thought for the day:
    I am very thankful for clean water and good electricity.
    God Bless!!
    Love Barb

  6. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Barb,
    I’ve been there with Larry before, so I am picturing just what you’re talking about. Are the toilets working? I hope so. It’s a great place, though, isn’t it? May you be richly blessed in all the work you do this week. Each day gets easier physically. Hav you held baby Haven yet?
    Take care, and just enjoy the week.
    Mary Molegraaf

  7. Midway gang Says:

    Hi Barb!!! Hope Tom is feeling better! What we want to know is this—-Where are you on the pictures showing all the people hard at work!!!??? Seriously- praying for you guys to have a great time and safe trip home!!! All of us at Midway

  8. Nate Bosch Says:


    Just thought that I would e-mail you and let you know that I got the
    internship and i will be moving to Indiana for the summer. I hope everything
    is going really well. I seen the pictures so far and it looks like a really
    cool experience. Im praying for you and I hope that God continues to bless


  9. Barb Bosch Says:

    Hi all,
    First of all Nate we are jumping for joy for you!!!!! We are so proud of you and I am sure you are just as excited. Congrats!!!

    Any way, it was another beautiful day in Guatemala! Sunny and 80 degrees. We went back to the villiage and stuccoed our houses. We all had pink stucco all over us. Lots of fun. Tomarrow the door and roof goes on and we paint the inside. Then we dedicate the house’s and pray for the families. We have a couple that has not been able to have children. Please pray for them. The ladies name is Esther and I don’t know the man’s name. This is not a good thing for the people here. It is kind of a stigma in the villiage.
    The kids know that we carry candy. Everytime we open our backpacks for our supplies or water they come flocking. It is so much fun. Check the pictures, we sent some from Immanuel people today. I also got to try to make tortillas with the ladies. I failed miserably!! But it was fun to try.
    These people are so wonderful. I fell in love with a little girl, and she smiled at me and all her upper teeth we all rotten. I felt so bad. She was all of 4 or5 years old. Keep praying for health, Tom had to stay back at camp today due to a headache. He is doing better now but pray for no more headaches for the week. I think he overdid it yesturday. It was a busy day and lots of sun and heat.
    Love to all and again Congrats to Nate!
    Love Tom and Barb

  10. Jodi Says:

    Hi Barb!
    It looks like you’re having a great time, and I know that God is using you in amazing ways! The pictures look like so much fun! Just wanted to let you know that I’m keeping you guys in my prayers!
    ~Jodi Unema

  11. Bob Huisman Says:


    Our family has been praying specifically for you and Tom. We have been asking God for relief from the migraines. May God continue to light your way.


    Bob and Lisa,
    Lette, Hannah, Tommy, Joey, Annah, Micah, & Gideon

  12. Barb Bosch Says:

    Hi all,
    What a day!!! We finished our houses and watched as the gospel was presented to them. What a blessing. I wish I new more spanish. To see them accept Christ into their lives was incredible. I cried. The couple we built the house for has not been able to have children. We prayed specifically for them to be blessed with a baby.
    I lost my heart today to a little girl named Susan. She is precious. I have lots of pictures. If she wasn’t already loved I would take her home.
    I need to eat so God Bless to all and I will write tomarrow.
    Love Barb

  13. Ross Bosch Says:

    Hi Mom, Just thought I would tell you the bachelor party was awsome. I love you and I cant wait to see you hope all is well. Oh and you might want to know that the house is in one piece still. I am doing some spring time cleaning. It was about 40 degrees here almost all week and now, what do you no, it is snowing again, that is Michigan for ya. well I should probably go to bed I am going to church with scotty tommorow and it is 2:00 am yeah kinda tired luv you Ross

  14. Ross Bosch Says:

    P.S. we need food really bad and I am really broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Barb Bosch Says:

    Hi All,
    It was great to hear from you Ross! I love your humor. I am anxious to see the house!! I am glad the bachelor party went well and that you had fun, I want to hear all about it when I get home. And check the freezer for food or call on Mrs. Mulder. Hunt and gather!!
    Anyways, we were able to sleep in this morning which was so nice. We have been keeping quite a pace here but it has been great! Yesturday we did some laundry and packing of meds and toys to bring to the villiage. It was a beautiful ride up the mountains and down the mountains! Quite a sight. One of the vans broke down in town with a wheel bearing. We waited in town by the road and someone was nice enough to open their bathroom up to us. It was the best bath that we have seen yet!!! What a treat. We got another van about 1 hour later and got back on the road. The villiagers were very open to us coming and were waiting by the road. We set up the clinic in the new school that was built recently. Dan asks them how they feel and writes on a sheet what meds to give them. We gave alot of vitamins and parasite meds and meds for jardia (intestinal problems). Dan said that since we were giving so many meds for this that their water must be bad. Lots of beautiful people that are so content in their world it is amazing.
    Some families committed their lives to Christ after the Jesus film and Hermono Jesus message. He is a very vibrant speaker.
    It was very moving to experience. We all prayed over those who did this and handed out bibles and food. The others played with the kids and handed out candy. We headed back home in the dark at about 9:30 pm. We got back to camp at 11:30 and all needed showers yet and guess what – NO WATER!! Dan primed the pump and we cheered. We will go to another villiage today and do the same things.
    Some have gotten sick and started on meds right away. So far we have been good and Tom is doing good with the headaches. It is all your prayers. Keep it up. Well, adios gringo’s. Love Barb

  16. Jodi Petroelje Says:

    Hi Barb & Tom,

    Everything is going great here! – I finally had a chance to look up the website you left. Sorry I haven’t written sooner. Drew is doing Great! We have had a good time together. We have been praying for all of you and for Tom and his migraines! I can sympathize with him and can’t imagine being so far from home when you feel so lousy!!!

    Also – I just read Ross’ email and I will tell Drew he can take some food home for his brother!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week knowing Drew is in good hands here!

    Love – your friend,

    Jodi Petroelje

  17. ba Says:


  18. Barb Says:

    Hi Jodi,
    It is so good to hear from you! I am so glad Drew is doing so well. He is in wonderful hands. Thanks for the update. What a time we are having here!!! Look at the pictures if you haven’t already. I am sure Ross is not starving by the way. He probably doesn’t have any food that can be made in a moment. Anyways thanks for looking out for my boys.
    By the way, Nate got the internship in Indiana. So he will be moving as soon as he gets home from Europe. But he is happy.
    Anyway, thanks a ton.
    Love Barb

  19. Emily Boven Says:

    HEY BABS!!! we really miss you at church!!! i can’t wait till you come home!!! see you later!!!

  20. drew Says:

    hi mom its drew just wanted to let you know that i am praying for you and i hope dad is feeling better. I love you guys a lot and i wanted to let you know that i miss you and that i am doing fine. love you.

  21. MaryBeth Says:

    HI Barb

    Just figured this blog thing out!!! Sorry it took so long. You have been in our prayers. Glad to hear Tom is doing better. Sounds like an amazing experience…can’t wait to hear more. Take care.

  22. Lauren Childs Says:

    Hey Barb,
    Sorry for the formal “Lauren” but that’s what the computer wanted to put in there and I didn’t want to argue. Anyway, saw the photos and read your script. It sounds like you have had an eventful time. Pink really is your color, by the way. And if I didn’t know better, it looked like you were squeezing the life out of that little girl. Ha Ha! Your blog is more expressive than Tom’s so thanks for that. Glad to hear of Nate’s success. I’ll have to let Mom and Dad know. Tamar is planning a mission trip to India. It seems that some details are getting filled in but there is no date yet. She’s content to wait on the Lord to move her. I’ll be up there with Mom and Dad between the 11th and 14th of March. Let’s try to get together then. I’m sure now that you are missionaries, your agenda will be extremely full. What a great experience! So glad you guys could make it. It really does make you thankful for the simplest pleasures in life – a warm shower, clean water, and a place to call home.
    Stay in touch. Love you guys!
    P.S. Maybe you could email me with your email address when you get home. It would be nice to communicate with you all via email.

  23. Ross Bosch Says:

    Hi mom, how are things going down there I hope u are haveing fun. I just got back to school. I have a ton of stories to tell you from this weekend like me kyle scott and brad sall crashing the bacheloret party!!! I was so funny but you will have to here about it when I get home on wednesday. when does your flight leave? I hope all is well luv you tons

  24. Barb Says:

    Hi Ross,
    I got sick yesturday with the flu – no fun. I feel better today and we went into Antiqua for some fun and shopping at the market that all the locals sell their stuff at. It was fun.
    We get into GR tomarrow night around 11:30 pm. I will call you then or Wednesday morning. I love you tons, if you talk to the brothers say hi. Take care. Mom

  25. Barb Says:

    I all,
    We are loading the vans to go to the airport. What a week!!!
    We are all different people than when we arrived and now are ready to go home and share with all those we will meet. Pray for us that we can keep up the work and not get complacent in spreading the word. We are all tired but in a good way. We have a big day of traveling so pray for health and strength to make it to GR by 11:00 pm.
    Thanks for all your prayers through the week, we could really feel them. We all woke up healthy enough to get home. Thank heavens there are bathrooms on the planes.
    Love Barb

  26. Kris Hofman Says:

    I don’t know if you will get this message since you are probably on the plane right now, but you and the team have been in my prayers. I can’t wait to hear more about how God used you in Guatemala or maybe how God used Guatemala for you!
    Kris Hofman

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