Bill Grit



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  1. Tony Meyer Says:

    Wow Bill…from Africa to Mississippi to Guatemala! I’m thankful for your willingness to be used by God! I’m praying he will use you powerfully this week!


  2. rockin Ron Says:

    Hey Bill: Be sure to ask Dan if you can drive the van ,I’m sure you’ll want to when you see how crazy they drive there. By the way, what night is catfish? Have a great week and don’t let senor Al tell you how to build a house. Thanks for showing your servant hreat again.Ron

  3. Joan Grit says: Says:

    Hey Hon!
    Was watching the Continental Airline update and saw that you arrived early into Guat City. They even have a little animated plane that tells where you are all the time. Glad to hear that you made it through customs without any troube, and I assume that all the luggage made it too. Will pray for health, safety and a fun time for the team. Glad that you are getting see what I saw almost 6 years ago. I guess anyone that can drive in Ireland can drive in Guat, but I am not sure that Rockin Ron always has the best advice, LOVE YA

  4. The Buursema Family Says:

    Hey Dad-

    We are so thankful that you made it safely and pray for a safe and powerful week for all that are with you. We are very proud of you and so very lucky to have you as a Dad/Grandpa. We love you so much and will take good care of Mom/Grandma as she visits us in Atlanta while you are gone. Porter received his postcard from Mississippi today and was so excited! Get some rest and have a wonderful time.

    Much Love-
    Tim, Beth, Bret and Porter

  5. Katie Jain Says:

    Hi, Bapa!!

  6. Joan Grit says: Says:

    It is Wednesday AM and school is delayed 2 hours b/c of fog. Time for me to get stuff ready for ATL. It really doesn’t look that bad out my window, but who am I to complain!? All the schools around here are delayed too. Got a note from Gerry Hooker and they are hoping to make the trip! Their daughter Vicki might go too. Went to the mall with Amy and Katie last night. Have conferences tonight and tomorrow. May try to “run up” to the hospital today to see Aunt Marge. Loved the pics. They look “really” familiar. I can see myself sitting their with the bags, with the meds, and by the burgandyish van! I think it must still be the same one! I also remember praying all together at the same time. Is that what you were doing?


  7. Kristy Van Wyhe Says:

    Hi Bill,
    I am so glad that you arrived safely! I pray that you have a fantastic day in the village and that you see God’s blessings all around you. Have fun playing with the kids.
    In His Grip,

  8. Katie Jain Says:

    Hiiiieee, Bapa!!

    Hiieee… kee-tee.

    Cheese, pleez.



  9. Carole Pettijohn Says:

    Bill, We will be missing you at our Mississippi team wrap up on sunday night, but you will be winning the award for the person most likely to go on another trip ….and go the soonest. Wow, amazing how you allow yourself to be such a servant, thanks for all you do. It is so fun to keep track of everyone there and thanks to Deloy we are able to do it so quickly. God has prepared the way perfectly for you and the team and all that will happen this week, so we eagerly await reports from all of you. enjoy and don’t work too hard. God’s blessings to you….Carole Pettijohn

  10. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    It sounds you are the pro of mission trips. What a wonderful example you are! Enjoy the work that you do, hug some kids, and you will be SO blessed!
    Mary Molegraaf

  11. Bret Buursema Says:

    Hi Grandpa,

    We miss you very much. We are sorry you missed V-day. We will pray for your saftey and look forward to seeing you at the beach in a few weeks.

    PS Grandma is coming to visit. We will take good care of her and send her home tired.

    Love Bret

  12. Bill Says:

    Hi: worked hard today and used lots of sunscreen. We have the walls up, drywall and sheetrock on andjust about ready for the roof. The roads are not asbad as Tanzia but they are very dusty. It was warm today andmet lots of little kids especially in the afternoon. WE will be going back tomorrow.Had a good flight over and never even went thru customs.

  13. Joan Says:

    Didn’t get home from school until 9ish. Did go the the hospital and had supper with Aunt Marge. That Lacks Center is quite a place. I dialed 1234 and the girl said, “room service.” I ordered Marge’s and my dinner. They delivered it to our room, where there was a table and two chairs for us to have dinner. Guess it helps the patient remember to eat and enjoy their dinner. It was cooked special for our order.
    Glad that you worked hard, cause that is what you do best! You just haven’t been on the “bad” roads yet, or else they fixed them all since I was there. Ask Dan! I really wish I was there too. Give all the kids a hug from me. God is good!
    Read that Jack Lanning is afraid you’ll get a job there and never return. He thinks you’d like driving semi on the hills of Guat! Glad that Paul is keeping an ey on you, so that you return with the group!

  14. Bob Pettijohn Says:

    Hey Bill…. Hope you recuperated from Mississippi to start all over again!! My hat is off to you…. You have the heart of a servant…. God Bless…. Bob

  15. Bill Says:

    Hiagain, Day 2 is finished. We stuccoed all 5 houses and got ready to finish them tomorrow. We also checked out the sight of the new mission station. this was quite a ride in the back of the van in all the dust and bumps. We plan to finish up and dedicate the houses tomorrow andthe3n we will be going out to other villages with meds. HAVE a fun time in atlanta and have a good trip. I will try and write again tomorrow. Bill

  16. Joan Says:

    HEY YA
    Just got home again from conferences. Also visited with Rosalie for a few minutes. She is still thinking and asking about others. A real blessing to all around her! John is picing me up at 6 tomorrow morning. Got my boarding pass already, so should be plenty of time for a 7:15 flight w/o checkin bags! Glad that the houses are coming along. I love the pics. Whcih family is going to live in your house? Give the gum out yet? The pics bring back memories of my trip there. Still wish I was with you. Pizza for dinner…one would think you were in Italy! Are yo roasting yet? I think the weather sounds ideal. Bring some home to me! Atlanta is in the low 60’s. Can’t wait. Will check for your news tomorrow at the kids. LOVE and MISS you lots.

  17. Bill Says:

    It’s 7:00 a.m. and I have a chance to use the computer. Hope you have a good flight. We are going to paint our house, put on the roof and put in the door. It looks really good. I missed a couple to spots with the sun screen yesterday and I could find them last night.Our room is a little noisey,. thanks to Paul. We work with the people in our village and then dedicate their houses. Tomorrow and Sunday we go to villages with meds. Monday is shopping day and tuesday fly home. Will check is again to see how your trip was or if you took a bump.

  18. The Buursema Family Says:

    Hi Grandpa-

    We wanted to let you know that Grandma arrived safely to Atlanta. We are going outside to play with the kids. We didn’t know if you heard that there was a sink hole early Friday morning in Guatemala City. They say that 3 people are missing and it swallowed some houses. Let us know that you and your team are safe and sound.

    We love you!

    Tim, Beth, Bret, Porter and Joan

  19. Kathi Trev,Karlie and Karissa Says:

    Hey. Been thinking about you and missing you since you’ve been gone. Thankfully we haven’t needed to dial 911-Bill so far. Pray that you stay safe and are having a great time. We miss you. Love the pictures! Love, Kathi and the kids

  20. Bill Says:

    We have not heard any news at all. We are not actully in Guatemala City but we are all fine. We dedicated all five houses today which took all afternoon.. We then had a fiesta with a Pinyata(sp) in which many kids took part and got piled on. Bret and Porter, take good care of Grandma for me . Thanks

  21. Joan Says:

    HEY from Atlanta!
    Had a great flight. Brian and Jillean and Chuck (JCS) were on the flight to Milwaukee. Wendy and Brad are already in Florida and Brian and Jillean are joining them. Chuck is going to CA for his mother’s 90th birthday. Midwest to Atlanta was great – lots of room. Beth and I went to the outlet mall and spent all our money. FUN The boys were glad to see me. Weather is great. Glad to hear that all is well in Guat. Praying for continued safety, health and fun! Lots of Love Joan

  22. Bill Says:

    Al Jergens said that about 1:00 a.m. their was an earthquake that lasted for about 10 sec. I did not feel anything. I have been sleeping good and feeling fine. Today we go 20 miles to a very small village (2 hr ride) for a clinic. I am going to end this as the electric has gone off 4 times so far while I am writing this. Bill

  23. Amy, Steve & Katie Says:

    Hope your packaging up the warmth to send home- we’re under another winter storm watch:( Sounds like a wonderful time! Glad you’ll be an experienced dry waller to help us with our basement.
    miss and luv ya-
    The Colthorps

  24. Joan Says:

    Rather chilly here in Atlanta, but much warmer than GR. No winter storm watch here. Saw Bret play T-Ball this morning. He is really good. Sorry, we went to Chick-filet without you. The sweet tea was great. I drank a glass for you too! Probably gain 15 pounds while I am here. Good thing I don’t live here. Missing you here and wishing I with you. Can’t be two places at once they say. However, I am really enjoying your trip through your eyes and through the others who write too. Good thing I can relate through personal experience. Continuing prayers for the village ministry today. Can’t wait to hear about the 20 mile 2 hour ride! What’s with the bumper thing?
    Love and Kisses, Joan

  25. The Buursema Family Says:

    Hi Dad and Grandpa-

    Porter and I are taking great care of Grandma. You might want her to stop hanging out with mom though. She keeps taking her shopping and spending all of your money. I keep telling her to stop spending that money because you have to take us to Dairy Queen in Florida.

    Grandma is babysitting for us tonight because Mommy and Daddy have a party to go too. Daddy is so excited that he doesn’t have to pay for a babysitter so mom is spending the babysitting money on herself! :):)

    Porter can’t wait to see you Grandpa. He wants you to do a puzzle with him in Florida and I want to play beach ball with you and dig a big hole with you and Jake.

    We all love you Grandpa.

    Bret and Porter

  26. Bob Pettijohn Says:

    Village medical trips for you today, God bless and enjoy yourself, you do a pretty good job relaxing as you throw tennis balls to dogs, sure you will keep busy today. We will miss you at our Mississippi wrap up party , sorry you and Joan won’t be there. The Pettijohn family

  27. Joan Says:

    Good Morning

    We are up and getting ready for church. The boys were soooo, soooo good last night. Porter didn’t even cry. They took baths, read stories and played rags in a bag, or rocks in a box, depending on who calls it! Remember that fun game from October?
    No news yet on the medical trip. Am anxiously awaiting some new news. Sounds like the mission part of the mission trip is going as well as the buiding part and medical part. We are praying for you.

    We love you. Bret can’t wait until Florida!
    Love, Joan, BRET AND PORTER (Bret typed his name and Porter’s name)

  28. Bill Says:

    It’s Sunday morning now and I have had pancakes and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Yesterday turned out to be a little longer than planned as a wheel bearing went out in one of the vans. We sat on the main street in the town and waitedfor a replacement van and a used wheel bearing. We spend about 2 hours there so the trip became a 3 1/2 hour trip. The village was waiting for us when we arrived. The clinic went well and we played with the kids, socoor, football ballons and jump rope. After the clinic they showed a Jesus film and had a message and an alter call. A lot of people came forward to accept Christ as their savior. It was very rewarding and make the trip beneficial. One of my duties was dog patrol, keeping the local dogs for coming into the clinic. I counted 6 dogs a one time who all wanted in the clinic. Don’t worry about money I have spend less than $10.,00 on pizza and pop so Grandma can spend all she wants on the Grandkid and herself. We will have enough for Dairy Queen in Florida. Say hi to everyone.

  29. Ron Rodenhouse Says:

    Hey Bill: I bet you’re glad that you don’t have to drive down there,right? Hope you are having a great time! I’ll save you a piece of pizza tonight. Have a great Sunday, Ron

  30. John and Evelyn Says:

    Hey Bill,
    It sounds like things are going very well for you and the team. We’ve been thinking about you here in the frozen north – (more snow coming today).
    It sounds like you’ve become very experienced in various home building chores and will be ready to tackle all kinds of projects here at home!
    We are picking Joan up tomorrow from the airport and will try to take care of her till you get home.
    We are praying for a safe trip home for all of you.
    See you soon,
    J & E

  31. The Boumas Says:

    Hey Dad,

    Sounds like you are having a great time. We would like you to bring some of that sunshine back with you as it has been snowing here off and on all afternoon. Jake is out shoveling right now. We’ve been keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Guatemala. Have a safe trip back.
    Love, Tom, Mary, Lindsey, Andrew, Jessie, and Jake

  32. Laurel, Ben, Nathan, and Jenae Hoekman Says:

    Hi, Uncle Bill!
    Aunt Joan sent us the link to this page to see the photos and read the news of your current trip. We’re glad that God is blessing you with exciting experiences, safe travels, and numerous opportunities to serve Him and lead others to Him. You’re a great inspiration to many!

    Enjoy the warm weather, since we’ve got lots of the cold white stuff awating your return! Have a safe trip back!

    Laurel & Kids

  33. katie Says:

    My mom wanted to remind you if you’re shopping tom. and you see a coin purse- hers is falling apart that Grandma got her when she was in Guat. It fits stuff a little bigger than a credit card and has lots of fun colors. Hope you had a blessed sunday!

  34. amy Says:

    Just in case you were missing home- I though I let you know that we are watching the biggest snow flakes I’ve seen fall to the ground. It’s 9:45 and I don’t think it has stopped snowing all day. Bring us back some warm weather!!!!

  35. Joan Says:

    Wondering how your last working day is going? Hope you didn’t have any more van trouble. Also am praying that the people in the village today will be looking for Hope in Christ.
    If I would have been going home today, my flight to WI would have been cancelled. Will see what tomorrow brings. John and Evelyn are picking me up. The weather here today was beautiful. We were out all afternoon. The neighborhood met on the street for kid’s afternoon. The bikes, battery cars, etc. were moving right along.
    Love you and can’t wait to see you all tan and full of stories.

  36. Joan Says:

    Good Morning
    You must have had a late night as no one has written yet this morning. I checked my flights and they are still up an running this morning; however, it is a good thing that I am not flying to the east coast. There are many flights cancelled going there! Hopefully I am okay. We are leaving for the airport in about an hour. Had a great time. Sun shining here!
    See you tomorrow.
    Love, j

  37. teamivanrest Says:

    It’s Monday morning now and again, I slept good.Had my pancakes and coffee. Only two problems with the vans yesterday, 1 flat tire and a starter that did not want to work. Dan and others worked on it during the meeting, got it started and let it run for 1 1/2 hrs during the rest of the meeting. The question of the day is ” how are you feeling today?’ Dr. Steve was busy giving meds for the runs and lack of runs and vomiting. The meeting went well and people came forward to accept Christ. We got back about 11:00 p.m. Today we get to shop and get a McFlurry!!! I have not had any milk (and ice cream) since we got here. This will be better than shopping. Hope that you have a good flight home and are able to get to the house. We will be leaving here about 10:00 am for the airport. Miss you all, Bill

  38. Bill Says:

    Hi: We are back from a successful shopping trip. Only one wheel bearing went out. We will be leaving about 9:00 tomorrow for the airport. Had fun today. Hope you made it home today as I know you would hate to miss school tomorrow.
    Miss you, and hope to see you tomorrow night.

  39. Joan Says:

    Just in case you get to this message board during breakfast…I finally arrived home about 11:15 PM. Weather was an issue all over, so they were more than willing to buy my seat. I was to fly into Muskegan, where they would taxi me to GR. Well after delays, my 6 PM flight finally left after 8 (CT). Some wonderful Husdonville people took me to their home where Mary met me and drove me here. They had been in Tampa visiting their parents. My luggage is someplace b/t Milwawkee and Muskegon and GR. Didn’t wait to make a claim, cause there was no one there to make a claim with. Maybe someone eventually came, but I decided not to stick around and wait. I don’t know if I ever would have found anyone to get me that taxi to GR. So, I am really glad that I am home! The roads were not the greatest until Filmore and 48th. These people lived off Baldwin and 42nd.
    Glad that you had a good day today. Sounds like some will be glad to get home. Are you sick too? Will have to see what happens for your ride home. Maybe I’ll call Kevin tomorrow to get the scoop!
    Miss you, love joan

  40. Bill Says:

    I got your message and am glad you are finally home(with a bump). I will be available for one from Houston but not from here unless it is really good. I did NOT get sick other than a few minor isssue which affected others using the bathroom after me. Others are waiting so I will end this. Love you and see you today yet, maybe. Love Bill

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