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Day 1 thoughts

February 21, 2007

Big day of building today. We put the walls up / drywall up on 5 small houses. The people in the village were very freindly and welcoming. Common theme was that they are so satisfied with so little and very generous. When we first got to the jobsite, one of the young girls offered up a piece of candy to Brenda (For sure this candy was precious to her). For lunch,  the people of the village killed 4 chickens so we could have “pollo” with our lunch…4 chickens which represented a weeks worth of work. At the end of the day, one of the young girls shared her candy with her freinds. I think it is more than an expression of gratitude for the houses…seems like they are genuinely caring for eachother. Lot’s to learn from them. A good day.

The first day.

February 21, 2007

Hello everyone,

Today was our first day of construction on our houses. It was a beautiful day , sunny and in the upper 70’s or 80. We put in a full day and got the walls up and drywall on the inside and sheetrock on the outside. We got to meet and work a ltttle with the families we are building the houses for.  We came back filthy dirty and very tired.  Which means supper tasted great and showers for everyone.  We stink!

Tomorrow ahould be a good day also!  Thank you all for your posts of encouragement and prayers.  It is a singular feeling knowing are days are being covered and filled with prayers for us.  God is awesome!

Rod U. & Brian VZ


February 20, 2007

We made it!  It feels good to be on Guatemala soil again…for three of us, anyway.  For the rest of the group it’s a new experience.  We had no difficulties with flights, weather, baggage or traffic.  No news is good news, for sure!  It is now 3:20 Guat time, and we’ve all been up for 13 hours or more, but spirits are good and everyone is finding their rooms and beginning to sort meds.  Thank you for your prayers!  We certainly felt them as we traveled and as we passed through customs without inspection, as have the many teams before us.  Tomorrow we begin an adventure that will change us, move us, and make us look at everything in life a little differently.  New faces on the team will become familiar and the people we leave behind will leave an imprint in our hearts that will never go away.  We’ll keep you updated along the way!  Praise God with us for what he’s brought us through to get here! 

                                                                                              —posted by Brenda DeVries 

On the way!

February 20, 2007

The team left Grand Rapids a little late but made up time in the air and landed in Houston at 7:25am local time.  Please continue to pray for safe travel and pray them through customs around 2pm Michigan time.  Please also pray for Team Guate as they prepare to meet the team at the airport and for all those the Lord will bring in contact with the team this week.

God’s will

February 19, 2007

We were reminded again yesterday and today that our plans are not God’s plans. God decided to change the team’s make up at the last moment. We found out to today that two of our members could not make the trip to Guat. God provided two new members to replace the two who physically couldn’t make it. The difficult part was to get Continental Airlines to accept the new members in place of the old ones. With a single phone call to Continental , senor Al was able to get the tickets transfered. Thank you Continental, Thank you Father. So we welcome Mary De Graaf and Mike Boven. Myrna and Ward we’ll miss you and your spirit will go with us. We pray for healling for Ward. We’re looking forward to the continued leading of our Father.

Team Immanualrest.


January 28, 2007

Welcome to the blog of the Impact Team made up of members from Ivanrest Christian Reformed Church in Grandville, MI and Immanuel Christian Reformed Church in Hudsonville, MI. Together this team will make an impact on the people of Guatemala and the Lord will use the people of Guatemala to impact this team.

Clicking on the name of a team member listed to the right will display their personal page where they will be making journal entries and where comments can be left for them. Clicking here or on the link to the Photos page (buried in the list of names to the right) will display photos that will be posted during the trip.

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