Jack Visser



17 Responses to “Jack Visser”

  1. John Says:

    Hope you are ready, it’s here and I’m jealous. Hope you have a great Tuesday. Our family is praying for you and Jessica and Katie, That you and your family will be able to share God’s love with the one’s in Guatemala. Your Friend John Oppenhuizen

  2. John Says:

    Hey Jack, Hope all is well with you and you are having a blast serving the lord. Our prayer’s are with you and the girl’s. John

  3. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Jack, It took me a bit to figure out that you have two daughters there
    serving with you. What a huge blessing that must be for you! Let the Lord use you in whatever way is needed this week, and you will be so filled with joy when you are finished. May the Lord bless you in all that you do there.
    Mary Molegraaf

  4. John Says:

    Looks like you had and awesome first build day, the pictures that are posted are great for us to see your progress and interaction with the people of Guatemala. Since our family is not there please hug a few of God’s childern for us and tell them that there are many families far away that are praying for them. Have a great Thursday my friend. John

  5. Wanda Says:

    Hey Babe, Glad to see you made it safe. The pictures are great fun. Looks like a lot of work is getting done very quickly. And the weather looks warm and wonderful. I’m praying you and the girls are having a very blessed week. Love ya More !

  6. jack Says:

    Al hogs the computer all the time so i can’t get on often. Sending my love to all. Also wondering how dad is.

  7. John Says:

    Tell big Al he needs to share, it is hard to believe it is friday already. I am very jealous of the weather you are having, here typical Michigan weather 17 to a high of 36 burr. Have a blessed Friday my friend and as alway’s we are lifting you and the girls and your family here in prayer. John

  8. WANDA Says:

    Hey Dear,
    Dad is doing just fine. Doctor found a procedure right now would not be of any help. So he had no surgery done. Very cold & windy here today, but the sun is out! Keep smiling for all the pictures being taken. I know you don’t like it, but it sure is fun to see them. Give the girls a hug for me. Praying you will be continually blessed. Love Ya More.

  9. Dave & Chris Says:

    Hi jack,

    Wanted to let you know we’ve been praying for you, Katie & Jesse. Pictures look nice. Was I supposed to be getting something done while your gone? Hope your enjoying the nice warm weather. Take care and git er done!

  10. action jackson Says:

    Don’t worry about it hey!, Tony says take a big break. Having lots of fun and am actually smiling. Thank you all for the prayers. Lots of love for everybody.

    Wanda- Please get a hold of uncle Bob tell him to check out the web site. He needs to come back!

  11. John Says:

    Jackson keep on smiling and what awesome thing to have all of the people that you had impacted through building homes for them give their lives to Christ. I am sure this trip has impacted you as well as the people around you more than words can describe. We will continue to lift you and the girls up in prayer,have a blessed day my friend. John

  12. John Says:

    We are praying that your sunday is full of blessing’s. God bless.John

  13. jack Says:

    The day is only half done and its already been a blessing.

  14. Wanda Says:

    Hey Babe!
    Glad to hear you found your smile! All is going fine at home so NO WORRIES ! ! Have a GREAT last few days. Tell the girls HI.
    Be blessed! Love Ya More!

  15. Wanda Says:

    Hey Dear!
    Glad to hear you found your smile! All is going fine at home so NO WORRIES ! ! Have a GREAT last few days. Tell the girls HI.
    Be blessed! Love Ya More!

  16. John Says:

    Blessing’s to you this Monday, keep on smiling.John

  17. teamivanrest Says:

    Hi Dear,
    This week I’ve done a puppet show, and wore stickers all over my face. I’ve become more confident in my manhood and have even smiled for pictures. Sending you my love!

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