Jessica Visser



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  1. John Says:

    Hey Jessica are you going through base wtihdrawl?I would guess not. Have great trip our family will be praying for you and your sister and dad. ps. have your dad write in his journal. John Oppenhuizen

  2. John Says:

    Jessica, I can only imagine the amount of fun you are and will be having. May God’s blessing and grace be with you on this day.John

  3. Jason Door Says:

    HI I dont know you but i am from ivanrest. I hope you have an amazing time. Tell Dan Rookie says hi. He’ll know who your talkin about.
    Have fun

  4. John Says:

    The pictures that were posted are awesome, hope you and dad and sister are having fun. You can see the impact you are having on the family you are building the new home for, have a great second build day. We will continue to pray for you and your family, that the people you meet in the village will see God’s grace and love shine through you. John

  5. Mom Says:

    Hi Jess, Glad you made it safe. You got a return call on Tues (too late). Love the pictures that are posted. Praying all is going great!! Love ya more !

  6. jessie visser Says:

    Cant wait to get back a tell storys of God’s love and blessings. the work is so much fun with kids hanging on you the whole time. I am however not missing base boerd in any way shape or form. thanks all for prayers

  7. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I hope you are having an Awesone time in Guatemala. I was there once with Larry, and will go again someday. I forgot to say this to Larry tonight, so please tell him that I will be praying for him, and ALL of you tomorrow as you dedicate the houses. You will never foget the experience.
    Mary Molegraaf

  8. John Says:

    Are you going to pursue a career in stucco? I will not tell A.C.H. or they will try and have you guys add that to you job description( ha). The picture’s have been awesome and a great way for us to see first hand what is happening there. Look’s like the childern love your dollar store donation’s. Have a great friday, we continue to pray for you daily. John

  9. WANDA Says:

    Hey Dear Daughter,
    Glad to hear things are going well. The kids sure seem to love all the attention you are able to give them. Continue to enjoy the week to the fullest, as it is going by so quickly. Love ya More!

  10. jessie Says:

    The people here are awsome so easy to love. Katie and i have named acouple kids that we wanted to take home; Dirty and Oscer, there pesonalites are so fun. I love seeing dad (jack) smile and laugh all the time. I dont ever want to become stucko girl though it was fun for a day but thats good enough.

  11. jessie Says:

    Jason Door- hola, greetings from far away. Sheri says your a good cat everybody says hi. we are having a great time.

  12. John Says:

    What an awesome job of showing God’s uncondition love to people of Guatemala and the fact that all that had houses built for them gave their lives to Christ,is a testament that harvest was ready.Keep your dad smiling and have a great day in the village’s. We will continue the prayers coming. John

  13. JESSIE Says:

    Mom-look at the pic under shari’s name. That baby almost ended up in my backpack.

  14. John Says:

    We pray that sunday will be another wonderful day for you and the team. God bless.John

  15. Wanda Says:

    Hey Jess,
    You slept through a WHAT ! ! ! Glad to hear it is going well. Okay, if you have to take one or two kids homes; we can make it work. Remind your Dad about the “high-five”.
    Tell your sister to respond to her mail. Praying all is going well. And the rest of your week will be SUPER blessed ! Love Ya MORE !

  16. John Says:

    Blessing’s to you this Monday, we pray that your day will be awesome. John

  17. jessie Says:

    I have taken two big white pills,five little green pills, two other smaller white pills and have even given myself a shot. Ouch. two days later Im starting to feel beter.

  18. Grandma Z. Says:

    Dear Jessie,
    My thoughts and prayers have been with you all week! I am sorry that you got sick, that’s not fun when you are away from home. Hope things are better now. I enjoyed the pictures. Have a safe trip home.
    Love you much.


  19. jessie Says:


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