Katie Visser



13 Responses to “Katie Visser”

  1. John Says:

    Katie, I hope all is well on this Wednesday morning and my God’s love shine through you.My family’s thought’s and prayers are with you. John

  2. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi katie,
    I’m Larry Molegraaf’s wife, and just want to wish you the Lord’s blessing on your work this week. It’s hard, exhausting work (I was there one time so far) bu so worth it! You are doing so much more than building houses and giving out pills. The people there will never fforget what you are doing for them- you are giveing them a huge chance at a better life, and sharing the love of Jesus, maybe for the first time for some of them.
    Have a wonderful week. Mary Molegraaf

  3. Memurs Says:

    Hey Katie, I want you to know how much I miss you, but I think you are doing great things. I’m selfish and want you back in michigan but I know they need you so much more. I wish I could pick up the phone and call you right now to talk about what’s going on down there. All I can say is enjoy the weather while you can it’s freezing here!!!! I miss and love you. Say Hi to Jess and Dad for me. Love Meems

  4. John Says:

    Katie, We have looked at the picture’s of the first build day and it looked like all went well and it was nice to see that your dad didn’t run from the camera. With the second build day already here, I hope it goes well for your team and the family your builing the home for can witness the love you have for the Lord. Our prayer are with you Katie. John

  5. Mom Says:

    Hi Kate,
    Love seeing the pictures. It makes you guys seem quite close to home. The weather sounds like it is warm and beautiful. Keep up the hard work. I’m praying that you will have a wonderful week. Love ya more ! !

  6. John Says:

    Keep up the awesome job of speading God’s love to the people of Guatemala, the picture’s show that you and Jessica where a hit with the children. Today is dedicatoin day and we pray that the Holy Spirit is in full force and the familes will dedicate themselves to the Lord. Katie we continue to pray for you and have a bleesed Friday. John

  7. WANDA Says:

    Hey Katie Kates!
    The pictures show you are working hard. The kids seem to love your attention. I hope all is going well. Praying your week is a great blessing.
    Love ya More !!

  8. John Says:

    Congrat’s on the completion of the home for your family.It must be a great feeling to not only present them a new home but to lead them to the greatist gift of all Jesus Christ!Thank you for all your hard work and we will be praying for you. John

  9. John Says:

    We pray that your sunday is another awesome day in Guatemala.God bless. John

  10. Memurs Says:

    Katie I miss you. Your pictures are great! i hope you’re having a great time!!!!! Love meems

  11. John Says:

    Hope your Monday bring’s blessing’s to you as well as the people around you. keep up the great work and tell your Dad to keep smiling we want to see him bring it back with him. John

  12. Grandma Z. Says:

    Dear Katie,
    I hope everything is going well. Where you able to use some of you medical training? My thoughts and prayers have been with you all week!
    Have a safe trip home. Anxious to talk to you about your experiences.
    Love you much,
    Grandma Z

  13. kate Says:

    miss you to memurs, see ya soon! thanks to everyone for the prayers, it helped. mom i hope you remembered to put my check in the bank, if you did thanks. what a great week, please pray for our safety home. -kate

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