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  1. Larry Says:

    As I prepare for this trip I can’t help but think of three people who were very dear to me that are now with that great cloud of witnesses who are cheering me on to the finish line. Dad H, Grace and Melissa, I thank you for your inspiration and your dedication to serveing God. I pray for a just a small part of the impact that you have had on me, that I may have on other people.

  2. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Lar,
    I know how anxious you are to get back to the Paradise Bound Mission, which has become so important in your life. I’ll miss you, and pray for you and the team continuously.
    Drive carefully there, watch those mirrors!
    I got on this website at home, pretty good, huh?
    I’ll be looking for the first messages from the team tomorrow night.
    Have a safe flight. Stay warm there.
    Let God use you as He always does.

  3. teamivanrest Says:

    Lar –

    I watched your flights on and it looks like all went well. You should be going through customs right now or might even be through already.

    I’ll be watching for your first post from Guate and of course, let me know if you need anything.

    Tech Support

    PS: You can never have too much bass but you can have too much monitor πŸ™‚

  4. Kirk Says:

    I can hear you belting out “Days of Elijah” from here.
    God Bless!

  5. Kevin Van Wyhe Says:

    Larry, Have an awesome week. I know God will use you again in an amazing way. Keep your eyes on the prize! I wish I was there with you! God bless! -Kevin

  6. Mom and Dad Molegraaf Says:

    Dear Lary and the whole Guatamala group.We wish you a safe trip
    and a safe arrival in do time.May God bless you in your work there
    and that through your witnissing many may to come to know the
    Lord as their saviour.Be caredull on the road Lar.Best wishes,greetings and Gods blessings from mom and dad.

  7. Tony Meyer Says:

    I’m praying for you as you lead this week, Larry! God Bless!


  8. Mom and Dad Molegraaf Says:

    Thank the Lord for your save arrival.
    Mom and Dad

  9. rockin Ron Says:

    Hey Lar: If you were in the army you would probably be ranked at least a major for all your experience. I’m glad you all made it safely there. Sure wish that I could have gone with, but its that money thing that always gets in the way. Only Bill Grit could afford to go on 3 mission trips in a year. Have a great week and don’t let your house fall over like Senor Al’s did last year. Catch you later, Ron

  10. Mindy and Sean Says:

    Hey Dad!
    It’s great to hear that you made it safely once again. I’m sure Guatemala is starting to feel like a second home! Sean says not to worry about the car- he’ll take good care of it- and won’t put too many miles on it! We’re praying for you and look forward to the many stories when you return to your first home! We love you!

  11. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Lar,
    Wow! another safe trip and and easy getting through customs. I’ll watch for notes from you. With all of these messages, you might be too busy to work! Go easy on your team, and enjoy your week. I’m praying for you.
    Love, Mar

  12. Dawn Hogue Says:

    Hi Larry! Wow! Another trip to Guate…it’s in your blood πŸ™‚ Enjoy your time at Paradise Bound. Say hi to Dan and Heidi. I am praying for you and that God will use you in great ways again this year. I too am thinking of Mel and her love for the people of Guate. Have fun driving the vans! I still think the passenger seat is the best place to be! Hopefully you won’t have to climb in any rafters this year! πŸ™‚ Love ya! Dawn

  13. Blake Says:

    I love the pic with you laying on all the big black bags : )
    are you driving one of the vans this year?
    Take my mom with you…you’ll have to tell me how her face looks when she goes on the back roads : )
    Praying for you…excited to hear about how God used you all.
    With love Blake

  14. mary Says:

    Good Morning, Lar.
    I’m at work a little early. There is a “Freezing Fog” advisory, and all the schools have a 2 hour delay. The fog is freezing on the roads. I had no trouble, traffic was at normal speed. Good thing you left yesterday, your flight would probably be delayed today. I’ll look at the photos now- I didn’t see them yet last night. Have a great day, drive carefully, I hope you don’t have fog in the mountains . Give Haven a hug for me. Love, Mar

  15. Sandy Johnson Says:

    Lar- What an awesome place to be… I’m imagining it now and wish I was there! God has an amazing week planned for you and I can only imagine how he will use you and the team. I’ll be singing “Days of Elijah” all week just thinking about you guys! I’ll be praying…. Sandy J

  16. Kristy Van Wyhe Says:

    Hi Larry,
    I am so excited for you and the team as you get ready to go to your first villiage! I pray that you have a safe and non-eventful drive. Have lots of fun with the kids! I wish I was there with you!
    Love, Kristy

  17. Mom and Dad Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Lar and team,

    Good to know that every thing did work out all right.
    Succes with puting the house together.And we pray that it may
    become a home where the LOrd jesus is King.
    Gods blessings,love and care from

    mom and dad M.

  18. Melanie Kamminga Says:

    Hi Dad,
    I am glad to hear you made it. I have not had a chance to look at any pictures yet. I am sure you are glad to be back and have alot of work ahead of you this week. We are praying for you! Addi sends hugs and kisses!
    Kurt, Mel & Addi

  19. Carole Pettijohn Says:

    Larry, You have so many messages on the site already, I hardly dare to write one, yet I want you to know I am praying for you and for your leadership and passion for Guatemala. It is so exciting to hear from you and see photos and know that God intends to bless all that you do there. Be careful….Deloy has you all implanted with some kind of micro chip so he can monitor what you do all day long….so keep busy and enjoy. I doubt he watches people in the bathroom…., but he just knows everything….. some day I will find out his secrets. God bless you, The Pettijohn Family

  20. John and Leny van der Mark Says:

    Hi Lar

    Your Dad send us the church bulletin, so we can see what you are doing this week.
    It is a great mission to be involved in and we pray that it will be fulfilling to you and the team. It must be great to go back to the same place and see what progress people are making. Thank you so much for your mentoring and leadership role.
    We pray that the team will be safe and that lots of your goals will be accomplished. Have fun too.
    God bless. Love from Uncle John and Aunt Leny, Canada

  21. Rog TenHarmsel Says:

    Hey Lar,
    Glad you arrived safely and had a good trip. Hope this week goes well in all you do. Praying for good weather and travel safety as you off-road in the mountains. I know you and the team will be a blessing to the people. We will hold you up in our prayers.
    p.s. Keep it low!! (UBP)

  22. Wim Warbout Says:

    He Lar, by a coincident I get notice that you are back in Guatamala. I think you are doiing a good job. Its much better to help the people in their own circumstances than when the people are coming to that part of the world where the work/labour/money is. We must all help the people in their own situation. Stay welthy , say your friends hello and…from your cousin Wim from the Netherlands, Maassluis.

  23. Wim Warbout Says:

    O I forgot, God bless you and your friends and your family in the states.
    PS. Sometimes, in Holland more and more ,we forget to say thank you and ask the blessing from our Lord . Its not good but………….

  24. Dawn Wierenga Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you! I hope you have an awesome week!! God bless


  25. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Wow, Lar!
    What wonderful family and friends we have close by and around the world, and all sending you a blessing for the week. I’m sure you are feeling the prayers from all of us. Everything is fine here, so you can focus on the work before you. I’m sure the love of the Lord is very evident in the projects you are working on. Are there kids in the family whose house you are building? Get some good sleep tonight. Love, Mar

  26. jim&kids Says:

    Many blessings and strength to you big brother.
    Lead on with the prayers of the saints, and me too.

    Love Jim

  27. Melissa Braman Says:

    Hi Dad,
    Boy, you sure are popular with all of your messages! That is great! I am thinking about you this week, I know you are probably very glad to be back in Guatemala. Everything is good here- tomorrow I am babysitting Addi, we will check the website for pictures of Grandpa. We will be praying for you this week! Love, Missy, Derek and Avary

  28. Larry Says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks for all the words of encouregment. We’re haveing an incrediable time. The weather is great, wish you were here. God has introduced some preciuos people into our lives. Please continue to pray for safety, health and hearts to be opened. I love you all.

  29. Sandy Johnson Says:

    Lar- I’m waiting for pictures of your best side!! : )

  30. Amy Says:

    Hi Larry,
    I know we haven’t talked to eachother in a long time but you have been in my thoughts and prayers this week. I just wanted to let you know that I know you are doing an awesome job down there and being such a good example of a follower of Christ!!!! Keep up the good work. Who knows maybe one day I’ll be back in Guatemala again!

  31. Bob Pettijohn Says:

    Don’t let Al drink all the pop without paying for it!! Know that right now you are in your element. I thank God for people like you and what you mean to so many others… To God Be the Glory… Bob

  32. Ron Rodenhouse Says:

    hey lar: I just got done looking at the pics. Wow! -brings me back a few years. I pray everything is going well, no injuries or sickness yet. Hows the beans and rice this year? any better? You probably don’t even need measurements for those house any more, you know them by heart. Have a great night, we’re going to the valentines dinner at church tonight. see ya ,Ron

  33. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Lar, the week is going by so fast, I’m sure it is for you, too. Keep focused, as I know you are, and share the love of Jesus with all of those special people in Guatemala. I had dinner with Pete and your parents tonight.

  34. John Molegraaf (Brother) Says:

    Hey Lar,

    I hope you’re enjoying yourself! Praying for you and the team as you foster relationships in the village with the locals and also the relationships with the team. May God lead and protect each one of you as you witness in a powerful way. I pray that the experience will be Spirit filled and heart felt. To Him be the praise, honor and glory!


    Je Broer

  35. Larry Says:

    Hi everyone! Another great day. This team is incrediable in how we are getting things done. Tomorrow we dedicate our houses. Please be in prayer for those families that will be recieveing a house. Please be in prayer for team members as God tries to crack through tough exteriors. The hour is late. I miss Addi, Ava and Mary. Ok I miss you all but I’m glad I’m here.
    Thanks for all the love shown through this blog.

  36. Dirk Van Wyk Says:

    Hola Larry, it looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy your week. I’ll be praying for you and the people you touch there.


  37. mary Says:

    I’ll be praying for the dedications today.


    Hi Lar and team.we want you to know that we will be praying for the
    dedications today.May it be a blessed experience for you and the team and the new owners of the houses.That they may become also believers
    in the Lord Jesus.God bless you all and have a nice day/

  39. Mindy Harris Says:

    Hi Dad!
    I’ve been keeping an eye on the pictures and it looks like things are progressing nicely! I hope the dedications go well today and I’ll be praying that people will dedicate their hearts to Jesus. I’m proud of you!
    Love, Mindy

  40. Addison Kamminga Says:

    Hi Grandpa!
    I love you!

  41. Kirk Says:

    Hey My Brother!
    Praying for you.
    Sing LOUD!

  42. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Lar, I babysat Addi and Ava tonight, they were so fun together. Addi can say “Guatemala”, if you know what she is saying. She did ask where you were a lot, but if I would ask her, she would say Guatemala. Ava is standing all the time, but not taking steps. I’m glad it’s Saturday tomorrow.
    How did the dedications go? I’ll look at more notes, to see if I can find an update. But I know that maybe you are not even back at the mission base yet,and I might have to wait until tomorrow. Get some good sleep, get ready for your clinic tomorrow. I hope you get a chance to play with the kids during the clinic, too. I’ll pray that many people will give their lives to Jesus after the film and Hermano Jesus’ message. Drive carefully. Mar

  43. Kevin Van Wyhe Says:

    Larry -Wow -what a lot a sweet things going on again:) Actually it doesn’t surprise me one bit to hear all the good stuff. You are such a huge part of making these trips special. You are an incredible man of God who I see following where ever he calls. Keep up the great work. Keep showing others God’s love through you. I can’t wait to hear the stories! Have a great time at the villages. -Kevin

  44. Larry Says:

    Hi all! I going to make this breif, like I say alot in these messages anyway. The electricity has been going intermittent on us this morning so

    It was a great day yesterday. The dedications were very emotional times and lives were dedicated to Christ. The houses turned out very unique and very nice. Brenda did a great job in decorateing our house. She is alot easier to hang curtins for.
    I also got to find out what those chrome thins on the the vans are for. Bumping, what a unique concept.
    Anyhow thanks for for all your encourgement, I wish I could thank each one personally. I love you all! Please keep praying for what is going on with the team as we transition to village medical ministry.
    Again I love you all.

  45. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Lar,
    So, you were being careful about the mirrors this time, but got the bumpers instead! Does Dan have good insurance on you? I say Henny at Panera this morning, she had a great trip, and wants to go back again.
    It’s cold here today, supposedly a winter storm coming sometime tomorrow. Work hard a the clinic today, and have fun with the kids, too.
    We miss you, and are praying for you all the time. Love, Mar

  46. Sandy Johnson Says:


    Sounds like it was an awesome day of dedications… glad you were there to hang the curtains for Brenda!! We’re praying for you continually… sandy j

  47. Melissa Braman Says:

    Hi Dad,

    How did your day go today? I hope that there isn’t another earthquake while you are there (I read Brenda’s message). Tomorrow is Sunday, I know we will miss you at lunch! Have a good night and a good day tomorrow. Love, Missy, Derek and Ava

  48. Bob Pettijohn Says:

    Larry, We are so happy that the week is going well for all of you, can’t wait to hear reports in person, God bless, The Pettijohn family

  49. Ron Rodenhouse Says:

    Hey Lar: After reading all that has happened there and the lives that have been changed all I can say is NICE FEET! “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news” Have a great Sunday, Ron

  50. Larry Says:

    Blessed Sunday all! We had a blessed Saturday. After Satan tried his hardest to have us not to get to the village last night, we were greeted by a very friendly village. At the end of the night I found out why he didn’t want us there. When the invitation was given to accept Christ an entire family came forward. This was an extened family, with mother, father, brother, sister, cousins, uncles and aunts. That attempt to stop us by Satan was a fried wheel bearing. Praise God that he has over come the devil. One of the blessings of being in Guat this time of the year is the weather. Your going to love this today 80 and sunny. Thanks for the words of encourgement. I love you all!

  51. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hey Lar, Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you and the team and praying for you always. We will miss you at lunch today, but maybe next Sunday, huh? My friend Michelle would like you to bring her 3 or 4 more Guat babies home with you, if that’s not a problem. They are only about 30,000 each so I’m sure you could pay with your extra cash. Glad your week is going so well and may you continue to be blessed and be a blessing thru the rest of your stay. Be safe and know that we love you.

    Love, Trud

  52. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Lar, What a night at the village! It sounds great. Were you the driver of the van that had trouble? It looks like you are the photagrapher , thaking pictures of the mechanics. Isn’t it nice to have all those men to help with that kind of stuff? Our lunch guests just left, we missed you. I lookked at all the photos, they are great. It sounds like everyone is really amazed at the work the Holy Spirit is doing there. I hope you are not one of the sick people. We got a little snow (Sleety stuff). Derek and Kurt cleaned the driveway for me even before I got home from church. I hope we don’t get too much more. The kids saw ditched cars between their houses and ours today. I’ll stay home from your parent’s house today, it’s a little slippery.
    Pete went to Bob and Linda’s for dinner – her dad’s funeral was yesterday, so he has been there a lot this weekend.
    Addi and Ava are great – lots of entertainment here!
    I am really anxious to see you Tuesday, I hope you get in on time.
    I hope the clinic goes well tonight, and that you make it there and back safely. Enjoy the market tomorrow, if you go. Love, Mar

  53. Nate, Greg and Kathy Says:

    Hey Lar,
    Looks like you’re having a wonderful time. The weather is beautiful. It’s beautiful here too. Big Beautiful Snowflakes. We are so thankful things are going so well. When you’re an “ole pro” how else could they go? Take care, you and the rest of the team are in our thoughts and prayers. Safe travel on the way home.

    Greg, Kathy and Nate, (Jenelle and Dan too)

  54. John and Leny van der Mark Says:

    Hi Lar

    There must be a great rejoicing in heaven when all these people accepted Christ. Praise the Lord.
    The houses look great and the owners must be jubilant to have such a wonderful dwelling place.
    We pray that you and the team will still have a wonderful time as you witness to the locals. Have a safe trip back.
    We love you.

    Uncle John and Aunt Leny

  55. Rog Ten Harmsel Says:

    Hey Lar,
    Glad things are going well in Guatemala in spite of some problems. We have been praying daily and thinking about you and the team often during the day. Had bagels with Mar yesterday and missed you but I know of your passion for Guatemala. Had a good service today and celebrated communion. Always such a joy to celebrate the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior. That grace is so amazing.
    Could have used a little more bass maybe but otherwise the music was good. (just kidding!) Have a good day tomorrow and have a good trip back home. We’ll keep praying.
    In Christ,
    Rog and Sheri

  56. mary Says:

    Good Morning, Lar. It is just gorgeous outside this morning- all white, and clean and fresh. We have about 4 or 5 inches of snow in the driveway – I’ll deal with that after work. I hope the clinic went well last night, and the film and gospel presentation. Are you feeling OK? I just got to work, will read the updates when I get home tonight. Have a good day at the market, drive carefully! Love, Mar

  57. Larry Says:

    Hi Everyone! Well another incrediable village night is over, but not really. The Holy Spirit never rests! He will work in the hearts of those who accepted Christ, those who didn’t and us team members. Guat 2007 is almost finish. But my prayer is that this is only the begining for the team. Thanks for the encourgement from all of you. I feel your prayers! I love you!

  58. chris Says:

    didn’t know that you were on this trip with my brother and sister in law, the prayers have risen steadily on behalf of your entire group. chris cook

  59. Mindy Harris Says:

    Hi Dad,
    I’m happy to hear that you and the team were able to bring so many people to Christ. I hope you have a safe trip home! I love you. See you soon.

  60. Mom and dad Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Larry and team.
    This is going to be your last day.We hope and pray that the Holy Spirit
    will works in the hearts of all the people in Guatamala you have been
    in contact with.We wish you a safe trip back home again.And are anxious to hear your stories next Sunday in church.God bless you all and your families.
    Love from mom and dad Molegraaf

  61. Pete Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Larry,
    I’ve been following you and your group on the website. What an awesome experience you’re going through. I can honestly say that I’m a little jealous to read about your work you and the team are doing. I’ve had my Days of Elijah CD throughout the week and you know how loud I crank it up. The last song on the CD was very fitting with what you and your group are doing. The title of the song is “When it’s all Been said and Done”. The second verse really hit me. “When it’s all been said and done all my treasures will mean nothing, only what I’ve done for love’s reward will stand the test of time. Lord I’ll live my life for you.” Have a safe trip home and hope to see you soon.
    Your Brother,

  62. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Lar, This will be my last note, because it sounds like you won’t have time to check in in the morning. I’m hoping that you are one of the healthy ones there. I’m thinking that you were taking lots of photos at the clinic, because I didn’t see you in any. That’s OK, we have lots from other trips.
    I only shovelled 2 strips down the driveway, and had to stop because the snow is so heavy. But it will be fine. Kurt reminded me how to start the snowblower, but I couldn’t get it to start. Can you believe it? Get a good night’s sleep, and have a good trip home tomorrow. I’ll look for any more reports from you in the morning. I’ll see you at 11 tomorrow night.
    Say hi to Dan and Heidi for me before you leave, and give Haven a hug. If you can get a family picture of them, that would be great, but I know how that will go over with Dan! Love, Mar

  63. Larry Says:

    This will be the last note. Its been an incrediable trip. God’s will was done. I’ve come to know some incrediable fellow Christians and like years past I’ve come down down with the Gautemalan krud. This too will pass and pass and pass.I thank all of you for your words of encouragement. I miss you all. See you in a day or so.

  64. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Lar, Rog read my note to you from an hour ago, and he came , got the snowblower started easily, and did the whole driveway. He had seen your last note about the krud, and he knows you will not feel like doing the driveway early Wednesday morning before work. That was so good of him to do. I hope you feel better before flying home tomorrow, and that you can enjoy the last night of devotions and singing. I know how important that night always is. I’ll be praying for you! Love, Mar

  65. Karen Lepine Says:

    Larry –

    To use the words of Dirk, “well done, good & faithful servant”.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful witness to the people of Guatemala. Your servant heart is incredible.

    See you soon,

  66. Kevin Van WYhe Says:

    Larry -Welcome home! I can’t wait to hear the stories and see how God used you again. You are a huge blessing! Thanks for having a passion for God! -Welcome home! -kevin

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