Mary Van Zanten



9 Responses to “Mary Van Zanten”

  1. Rog Lutke Says:

    Mary, just a note to let you know Cheri and I are praying for you and your family at home. We’e thankful you had a safe flight and pray that you will be a ray of sunshine to those you meet. We know that God will use everything you say and do in a most powerful way. We pray that you will stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful time. God Bless you, Rog and Cheri Lutke

  2. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    I’m Larry’s wife, and want to wish you the Lord’s blessing on your work this week. It’s hard physically, but the rewards you receive in the way of gratitude from the Guatemalan people is amazing. Go out and love the people, and have a wonderful week.
    Mary Molegraaf

  3. Nick Van Zanten Says:

    Hey Mom,
    Ellen, Joan and myself are thinking of you and Dad. Everything is alright up here at home except Ellen is not feeling good. All the people in Guatemala are sure happy to have you all down there. What a blessing.



  4. Doug Brill Says:

    Brian and Mary! i love to see the updates everyday! i have been praying for you to be blessed as well as a blessing. God is awesome!


  5. Brenda VanEssendelft Says:

    Hola Mary!
    We are praying for you! We pray God will use your team mightily in the clinics. I know how the simplest of meds is greeted with thanks in these poor countries. Give each bag of aspirin or Tylenol or vitamins out with a prayer for health for that person. It is so good to read how God is using you all for His glory! We are looking forward to hearing your stories when you get back. I know it will be hard to leave. I felt that in Ecuador. Our hearts stay with the people we have served. And we think of and pray for them often. I just read you had an earthquake this morning! Hang on! Keep the Faith hermana! Que Dios le bendiga! (God Bless You!)
    Tu hermana en Cristo,

  6. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Mary, the updates from your week there have been amazing! The Lord is doing wonderful things through your team, and bringing so many more people into His kingdom! It’s awsome. Have a safe and good trip to the
    clinics, enjoy being with the moms and kids. Mary Molegraaf

  7. Sally Klyn Says:

    Hey sister, the kids and i are checking for pics and updates every day.
    what amazing progress you guys have made! we love ya, have a safe trip back home.

    p.s. do you want me to make sure your house is still standing?

  8. chris Says:

    had no idea that we could harass you online! the prayers have been going up daily on your behalf. all is well in grandville. more snow … be well. love from the cooks

  9. chris Says:

    so sorry to hear you caught the crud! hpe it’s nothing but a fading memory at this point. talked to L yesterday and it sounds like all is well. Godspeed on the way home! c

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