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  1. Rog and Cheri Lutke Says:

    Hi, Mike,

    We”re praying for you and your family back home too. We know that you didn’t have much time to prepare for this trip,but you will be a great sub.
    Also, we’ve seen you work,and know that you’re a hard worker. Remember the pancake breakfast? Have a great week and we know you will be a blessing.

    God bless, Rog and Cheri

  2. Tom Verkaik Says:

    Hey Mike,

    What, no picture? Missed you at Bible study on Tuesday morning. Glad to see that you made it down safely, and we will continue to pray for safety and God’s blessing for you and everyone on the team. We will also keep Lori, Cam, and Emily back home in our prayers.

    Tom and Mary

  3. Heemstra's Says:

    What a great experience! Could’nt think of a better sub if we tried. We will also keep the team in our daily prayers. You are a blessing to our church and we’re sure you will touch the lives of many while you are there. God bless and be safe.
    Steve and Carrie

  4. Myrna Stienstra Says:


    Good to have you down in G. I’m eating regular food tonight, Chicken soup home made at noon and what a treat tonight. Sounds like building has gone well and the new shelter owners are excited, as is the team.

    Am praying that you and all remain healthy and strong. Enjoy the kids as for me that is often the best part. What a service you are doing!

    Brian talk you into an skits yet?


  5. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Mike,
    What a blessing that you could fill a spot on the team this week. God works in amazing ways, doesn’t He? Just watch and see what else He has in store for you this week. Mary Molegraaf (Larry’s wife -at home)

  6. Rog Lutke Says:

    Hi Mike, In that one picture you sort of look like Picasso working on your masterpiece and I think in the eyes of the people you’re helping it is a masterpiece. Thank you for helping. It looks like hard work in very warm conditions. Our prayers for you today are that you will be safe, healthy and well rested for tomorrow. We pray that God blesses all that you do and you show Christ’s love to everyone you meet. Rog and Cheri Lutke

  7. mike Says:

    Hello all, We are all doing well, trully a differant world here.I can feel your prayers daily.Imagine a hobo’s camp and thats what the people live in.Most of the homes are built out of corn stalks. Were off to finish the houses today and give them to the new owners . talk to you soon Mike

  8. Colin Smidstra Says:

    Hi Mike

    I have been thinking and praying for you guys. The pictures are great to see. See you on Tuesday night.


  9. Lori Boven Says:

    Hi Mike,
    I just found that Bri’s emails were going to our former address (we had been relying on Angela to forward to us any email) so I’ll have to correct our address with him again.
    Glad to hear all of your work seems so successful and productive. The photos help tell some of your story but it’s hard to figure out just how big these structures are. How’s the warm weather? do you even have a thermometer? in farenheit? Got a redneck? We have beautiful sunshine today but a chilly 25 deg. There may be a snow event on its way here Sun into Mon – your friend Teri DB (snowb) predicts a wintry mix of snow. 🙂
    Your mom and dad left for Fla this am and planned to take it easy driving, they want to be back by Sun for a service for all of those in the park who have died in the past year. They looked really good and healthy. They attended 2 days and nites of visitation and the funeral for AEdith. UGerald was pretty shaken when he called them and continued to be somewhat distraught. He is gonna stay with Jerry jr for the next while.
    Also I will try to get the paradise bound site sent to their friends Clyde and Ethel so they can look it up.
    We’re off to the Uchs v. Holl Chr game soon. We’re well. See ya Tues.
    Love, Lori

  10. Colin Smidstra Says:

    Hi Mike

    I have enjoyed looking at the pictures of you guys hard at work. I think about the Immanuel team most days. Praying for a safe time and travel.

    Colin S.

  11. Colin Smidstra Says:


    I talked to the security person outside at Kent County Airport and asked if I am suppost to stay by the church bus while it is parked in the bus lane. She said yes and it depends on the security guard if they will say something or not. So to make sure there is no trouble, I will plan to stay by the bus when I come to pick the Immanuel team up this Tuesday night. I will plan to park in the same spot as when I dropped you guys off.

    Colin S.

  12. mike Says:

    The homes we are building are only 10 x12 and are as basic as can be, We dedicated the homes to the people yesterday and all five familys exepted Jesus as there savior , is the great or what. Mike

  13. Mike's favorite son Says:

    10×12 houses are easy, you should have 400 of those built by now! Emily wants a pet monkey from the jungle. it’s unfair that you’re getting tan and not me. not that u care a lot but our basketball team whipped Holland Christian 81-51. here is a problem for u how do u know what gear the vette is in now hmmmmm? no gear indicator. the new shifter is nice but freezes your hand in the barn. bye

  14. mike Says:

    Hey all.Its sunday today some folks have been feeling a little queazy but not to bad. The weather has been great the people are unbeivable Have plenty of stories,I’m planning on stuffing at least two little girls in my bag to take home. Sorry Em you will have to make some room but don’t worry you will still be my fav. Love a much!! PS Cam stay away from the vette.


    Pretty sure i never said i want a pet monkey…thank you cam…and we got my car out of the barn thank goodness…cam almost got it stuck in the ditch though so that was quite a jolly time! but she’s out! We went and said hi to grandpa and grandma that was quite a trip! grandma went and got her bag of ‘goodies’ from florida…aka pointless things you’ll never use… plus about a hundred different pens and pencils..sooh yeah…i hope you’re having a great time in the nice WARM weather…(as we’re sitting her in our “3-6 inches of snow” aka 1inch of drifted snow)…ohh well…it was good news for mr.susky–he has his driveway clear as cold be…see you on tuesday! Love–Emily Marie!!!

    p.s. you should see my cake!!! it’s amazing! it’s a round cake and i had mom do like a road pattern on the outside of the top…so it looks like a race track almost—then there’s those old plastic car things–i had mom put the green one on the outside and she put skid marks behind it..it’s pretty clever of me i must say 😉 hehe


    :-* …hopefully that’s a kiss?

  17. Lori Boven Says:

    I’m sure you can find at least 2 little girls to bring home that will fit the 50lb weight restriction. Not to be mean, but you all look “grande” :)compared to the size of the Guatemalans. They are all very colorful (clothing) as well on the photos and so often smiling. Look forward to hearing your stories.
    I hope you’re feeling ok – not one of the queezy ones? I hope you warned the team about the volume your digestive system can emit on Sundays.
    By the way, Cam didnt almost get Ems car stuck it just took a little extra gunning it to get thru the ditch to the road. And there isnt any birthday cake left to see – sorry. Pix of it will have to do. My whole family came over today to celebrate Ems bday. Angela came by this afternoon too. She and Aaron had lunch with Ward and Myrna so that was neat.
    c’ya soon,
    Love, Lori

  18. MIKE Says:

    We went to the market today, Sorry Em no monkeys.We are packing so we are ready tomorrow. The weather has been great and Im not looking forward to the cold again but a hot shower and soft bed will be worth it.See ya soon Mike

  19. mike Says:

    Aloha again, we will be getting home late tomorow but you need not worry about meeting me anywhere, if you just bring my truck to church and leave the keys,I may have to give Mary Degraf home too. See you soon mike

  20. Lori Boven Says:

    Aloha?? Are you actually in Hawaii? Lets do the Pastor Cal version:
    Hola! 🙂
    I am planning at this point on greeting you at the airport and Em and Angela want to go along. (Cam has to travel to Mona with the team) Was planning on taking the pickup to do that and then we can fit us along with Jim and Mari rather than have Angela leave a vehicle too. Perhaps Mary DG can ride with another member ?- Wiggs or Unemas – Jill plans to be at the airport too. I’ll check this site before we leave.
    I have to echo Jill with thanks for this site where we can see pix, comments and leave messages. It sure helps answer some questions and explain some bloggings.
    Look forward to hearing your take on things. Hope you’re feeling ok and that the flights will go smoothly.
    Love, Lori

  21. Emily Boven Says:

    i don’t want a monkey!!!! cam does though…

  22. Pastor Richard Bwire Says:

    Hi Pastor mike,i’m Pastor Richard Bwire from Busia Kenya.kindly request you to allow me to worl under you Pastor.i look hearing from you.blessing.

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