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  1. Tony Meyer Says:

    I’m praying God’s blessing on you this week Paul!


  2. rockin Ron Says:

    Hey Paul: I left you a phone message last night, hope you got it. I just wanted to thank you for going, you will not forget this trip. Thank God for your servants heart and willingness to share it. I’m sure you will see Gods leading many times in the week, please remember them so you can share them when you get back. Have a great week! Ron

  3. Dawn Hogue Says:

    Hello Paul! I was so excited when I heard that you were on the Guate team. I know that this is something you’ve wanted to do for awhile. I pray that you will stay healthy and have a great time as you work with the Guatemalan people. Have fun with the kids! I know they are going to love you. A big piece of me is still in Guate…enjoy your stay at the PB mission base. I will be in prayer for you (and Renee :)) Dawn

  4. Paul Lanning Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! Renee, wanted to let you know that you can post something here, and also track the day to day progress. Will be thinking of you and the kids. Big day tomorrow, as we will start the first part of the houses. I’m sure that it will be a really cool experience…I look forward to playing with the kids and practicing my Spanish :). More to come tomorrow. PL

  5. Sandy Johnson Says:

    Paul- I’m so excited for you this week! I’m confident you will love Guatemala…and love serving Christ there. We’ll be praying for you this week that God will use you in a powerful way but also that He would challenge you in your walk with Him! We’ll be praying for Renee and the kids too… let us know if they need a babysitter: ) Sandy Johnson

  6. Kristy Van Wyhe Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I am so thankful everything went smoothly with the flight and customs! Have a great time in the village today! I am praying for Renee and your kids as well that they will stay safe while you are away. Take care and give those kids a big hug from me!

  7. Carole Pettijohn Says:

    Hey paul, I have been thinking about you this week and am so happy that you can be in Guatemala. i was going to give Renee grief about not writing to you , but then I discovered that she is working today and so she probably does not have time to write. So, I will talk to her later today and let her know that …… anyway, I am very excited to see what God will be doing through all of you….sounds like you have an amazing team there and I know you will be blessed and also be a blessing. we are praying for you, the Pettijohn family.

  8. Renee Lanning Says:

    Hey P man!

    I didn’t know I could do this until Carole called and let me know to email you! I am so happy to hear you are safe and have arrived. We miss you and Emma breaks down at night that you do not tuck her in , but we pray for daddy in guatemala each night as well as meals. Bad news…Sheri’s husband needs further chemo and so she will no longer watch the kids after next week. I am working on figuring things out…we’ll pray about it as well as Sheri and Ken! Not such good news, she was very upset. We are all healthy and well. We miss and love you tons!!Take care babe and build and play hard! πŸ™‚

    Love you

  9. Dad & Mom Lanning Says:

    Hey P….

    Hope you are well and we shall pray that your work there will go forward impacting the people you interface with. Give God the Glory, for great things He has done (may His kingdom come in and through us)! Keep an eye on Bill Grit for us, he might just jump in one of the local’s semi because he will miss us so much!

    Dad & Mom

  10. Rodney D Says:

    Howdy from Santa Cruz! Hope you are having a great week! We will pray for you and your awesome wifey. I went to Dominican Repbulic with out my wifey and it was bittersweet because I loved to help, but we couldn’t do it together because of the age of our kids. So I feel your pain there. Have a good one

  11. Lisl Says:

    Hey P! Bet you’re a little warmer there than we are. I hope and pray that you are having a very enriching experience. There’s nothing better than helping others to make you realize how great you really have it. By the way, I’m not sure if I’m praying more for you or Ren with the kids, but you are all in my prayers. love ya man.

  12. Mom & Dad Laniing Says:

    Good morning Paul…

    Have a great day. I will leave for Simcoe this afternoon trying to provide perch for the family. We shall have Renee and your three great children over on Sunday for Chicken (in case your Spanish is a little weak, it is called polo). I’ll just have to carry the ball and eat a few extra pieces on your behalf in your absence.

    Stay well….


  13. Paul Says:

    Today is Stuco and mudding day (should be messy). Thanks for all the notes…for the michigan people, it is about 80 degrees and very sunny here…a good cure for the snow blues, but not so good for mudding :). Should be fun. P.

  14. Renee Lanning Says:

    Hey P

    We are all healthy here. Praying the same for you. Tonight is our Valentine evening out at church. Will miss you, but don’t worry they know I am not “Single” πŸ™‚ Should be nice to get out and talk to others. The kids will have fun I am sure too. New glasses for Grant ordered. Dishwasher man coming to repair again Monday. Things always go kaputt when your gone! I am keeping busy working, painting and chasing kids and all that stuff. I love you tons!


  15. Bob Pettijohn Says:

    If you didn’t know spanish by now…don’t worry..Al doesn’t either!!I am praying that you guys have an awesome experience…know that you will…Take care and God Bless… Bob

  16. Paul Says:

    Good day today…houses almost finished. Had a little girl come up to me today and say “Hola, Gringo”. It was pretty funny

  17. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Paul, It sounds like Renee’ is working as hard as you are, but I’m not surprised at that. I hope you are enjoying your work, and that you have seen God working though your efforts. Let your light shine. Are you all singing together at night? I wish I could be there for that. I loved that when I went with Lar once. Mary Molegraaf

  18. Renee Lanning Says:


    Preschool today and delivering an RDI tape. Then Emma and Jack and I will visit Karen Meines and kids. Their little baby is sick. She’s on the mend, but we will go there and visit. Tomorrow we will go with Grammy and Heidi and all the kids to Meijer garden and see the butterflies. Should be fun. J & K went to Florida now, so mom and dad are on their own with their boys now too! Busy! We miss and love you. We pray your impact there is great. Please have someone take a few pictures of you there for us to see!!! I know you don’t do pictures, but DO IT FOR the kids and then they can see what you did and the kids there etc…They’d love it and it would help them understand what you are doing. Emma says hi to daddy and Jack says hi diddy too!!! πŸ™‚ Grant really wanted daddy when we went to church last night for valentine dinner. He expected to see you there because we ride separately at times I guess. Hemisses you too. We had fun at the dinner. Many people joked that I was there, but really fun and even got to know some people I had never met before. I am happy I went. Well, I love you tons!


  19. Paul Says:

    Hey Ren,

    Glad your doing ok. Lots of pictures are being taken (none by me…) but I’ll have access to lots of photos. There are also some photos posted on this site.

    We finish up the houses today and present them to the families. should be pretty neat. Miss you and the kids alot. Tell Grant and Emma and Jack that I love them.

    Love, P.

  20. Mom & Dad Laniing Says:

    hi Uncle Paul, We just played clay. Jacob and I are staying overnight. Its sunny outside today. We love you! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmichael

  21. Renee Lanning Says:

    We know you are busy, but we’re proud of you!
    Love & prayers
    Grant, Emma and Jack
    PS daddy I got new glasses today and I like them. I saw the Johnsons from our church there too, they helped us with Jackie bear while the doctor fit my glasses. I love you daddy

  22. Mom & Dad Diepersloot Says:

    Hello Paul:

    It is Saturday in Indonesia and we want to send greetings to you and the team from CRWRC Indonesia. We only just now read the blog and we will pray for you all. Sounds like you are have a really good impact. It would seem that we are in same business (building houses that is) although maybe in a bit different way.
    En el amor de Cristo,
    Opa and Oma

  23. Mom & Dad Diepersloot Says:

    Hello Paul:

    Greetings from Indonesia. We only today read your blog. What a great way to stay in touch. We too are building houses and we will keep you in our prayers and ask that you do the same. I believe we arrived about the same time you arrived in Guatemala.
    You are doing an important thing; keep up the good work and stay encouraged.
    En el amor de Cristo,
    opa & oma d

  24. Mom & Dad Diepersloot Says:

    Thought we lost the first posting but I guess double blessings to you. We are on slow modem lines that fail often.
    the o’s

  25. Paul Says:

    Hey all,

    This morning we are rearanging all the building supplies to prepare for the next group. We finished up building five little houses in the same village (the stuco on the outside is pink so you can tell which ones they were!). Today we will travel about 2.5 hours each way (but only 20 miles, which gives you an idea of the speed of travel…) to a pretty remote village of 26 families. We will do a medical clinic there…most of the people there haven’t ever had access to this, so it should be pretty impactful.

    Thanks for the notes and encouragement.


  26. Sandy Johnson Says:

    Paul- Sounds like Brenda is pretty impressed with your Spanish!! It also sounds like the dedications were awesome. Yes, we got to spend a little time with Jack, Emma and Grant yesterday at the eye doctor… they’re great! Continuing to pray for you this week… The Johnsons

  27. Mom & Dad Laniing Says:

    Hey P…

    Sunday blessings to you! We just got back from simcoe and you will be pleased to know that the family is being provided fish once again….340 perch!!!

    Stay well…


  28. Bob Pettijohn Says:

    Keeping you in our prayers, and Renee too. She seems to be holding up OK since I saw her in a store…..told her to spend lots of money….

    God bless you all, I don’t know Dad Lanning at all, but I think he should consider sharing all of that perch….or passing on the hot tip of where to get some.

    Thanks, The Pettijohn family

  29. Dad Lanning Says:

    Hey P…..

    I just looked at the pictures and noticed that you do not have an INONTIME hat on! Pitch that white Bentler hat and let’s get in uniform. How do you expect us to set up a subsidary trucking company there without advertising? Bill Grit indubitably has his on and is sporting proper attire and advertising…..

    Stay well.

    We are looking forward to having Renee and your(our) three great children(grandchildren) over for dinner this noon…..


  30. Renee Lanning Says:


    I lost my first toooth with some help from mom. (mom was worried I might swallow it!) Yippee! I deserve some money or something under my pillow it hurt! Yeah, ok… if only he really cared! Not such a big deal to him at all. Just looks funny.

    Emma says, ” I love you daddy and we saw your car at church today.” Grant was pretty convinced you were there somewhere!

    Love you tons!

  31. Paul Says:

    Hey Ren, give the kids a hug for me. We had a really good day today, lot’s to tell about when I get back. I love you.


  32. Renee Lanning Says:

    I love you! Come back safely and tell me all about it!


  33. Kevin Van WYhe Says:

    Paul -welcome home! Can’t wait to hear how God used you there. Thanks for serving our awesome God! -kevin

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