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  1. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Steve,
    I’m Larry’s wife. Have a great week, sharing God’s love and reaping huge blessings yourself. The experience will be wonderful! I’m praying for the team, and looking forward to the updates each day.


  2. Wendi Los Says:

    Hey Steve. Hope you are having good travels and an smooth time through customs. I will be praying for your team as well as George and my husband who are in Costa Rica til the 26th. Shalom. Wendi Los

  3. Rog Lutke Says:

    Hey Doc, Hope you had a good trip, I prayed that you would be safe and have a sense of peace for you and Linda. I told Forrest about your trip so he and Gert will be praying for you too. He said he hopes everything goes well for his old doc Stevie. Cheri and I will also pray for your kids back home and you know if they need any help they can call us. Every time I pray I have to ask for your protection from snakes. We do pray that this is a positive experience for you and Linda and we’re sure you will be a blessing to those you meet. God Bless, Rog and Cheri Lutke

  4. Tom Verkaik Says:

    Hey Big Bro!

    Glad to see that you all made it down safely – the first of what I pray will be an abundance of God’s blessings on you and Linda and the rest of the team during this trip. We are keeping you in our prayers, along with your kids back home. Make sure they call us if they need anything while you are gone (Lindsey, Ali, Cam, and Stefan – did you get that!?). Looking forward to the updates on how things are going. Wish we were there!

    Tom and Mary

  5. Jan Rotman Says:

    Hi DR. Steve-

    I went to the PBM website to check on the group—I was surprised to see your name, Linda’s name, Rod U. name—-Unity reunion!! I have been down 7 times—just ask Dan and Heidi how annoying I am!
    GT has a special place in my heart—DAve and I have several kids–3 of them grand babies- that we support.

    You all definately will be super blessed for working down there. Say Hi to Larry M. too. ZCH is busy—but we can handle it!

    Blessings and prayers for all!

    Jan Rotman(Stob)ZCH lab

  6. Carla and Sandy Says:

    Hey Steve,
    You miss us but I am sure that everyone there is glad you are there. Saw you working hard in the pictures. Will try and make it so it is not totally horrible at the office when you return. Take Care and God Bless.
    Carla and Sandy

  7. Rog Lutke Says:

    Hey Steve, I’m a little worried about Jim. if the house he’s working on starts to look like a raquetball court and he starts to paint a box on the floor……………………..RUN AWAY! God’s love be with you, Rog and Cheri

  8. Justin and Dawn Beck Says:

    Steve and Linda!

    So glad to see you guys made it down there safely and are already working really hard! Please know that we are thinking about you often and praying for you to experience God in BIG ways. May you continue to seek HIM above all while you are down there and may He bless you for being so faithful. Bask in His goodness and enjoy every blessing!

    You are in our prayers!

    Justin and Dawn

  9. Steve Verkaik Says:

    Hello All:

    I was actually surprised by all the E-mail Linda and I have recieved, and I want you to know, it is truly appreciated. It is now Friday evening and the time has flown by. Just a brief recap of our time here so far: We arrived Tuesday without any problems and were taken in several vans to th mission base. The remainder of that day was spent in preparation for a clinic day that will take place tommorow. Basically we took large bottles of various OTC meds and vitamins and but them in small plastic bags for distribution to those people who come to the clinic. Wednesday we began building. We were taken to a small village where 5 separate building sites were prepared for us. The first day we framed the homes, hung the drywall, hung outside sheeting and applied the first coat of drywall mud
    (this last part was actually done by Jim Schut). Day 2 we second coated the drywall and placed stucco on the outside. Today we finished sanded the drywall, put in a window, a door, and painted the inside. The roof was also put on today.
    What this description does not portray is the work we have been able to witness being done by the Holy Spirit. To complete the building of these homes, a dedication ceremony was undertaken in each home individually. This was led by Dan Brown and Hermano Jesus (lay pastor), as well as the team that participated in the building of each home. It was at these times, watching the Spirit move through not only the people receiving the homes, but through the teams of workers that has been most moving. This is what has made the trip most worth while. I hope I am able to talk with you more after we return home. In the meantime, continue to pray not only for this team, but also for the Guatemalan people. I would ask you specifically to pray that God’s spirit will continue to work in the lives of His people here and their hearts will be open to His teaching.

    God bless, and I hope to see you soon,
    Steve and Linda

  10. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Steve, It’s awesome what the Lord can do, isn’t it?
    I’m praying for your team. Mary Molegraaf

  11. Wendi Los Says:

    Steve, I just love to hear what God is doing. What a blessing for you and Linda to be a part of it. Very cool. Wendi

  12. Carla Says:

    Today you should be going to the clinic and helping. Compared to what you do at the office it will feel like you can not do enough. But remember that you are helping them alot by just being there. Jest remember that when you come back to the office we can not just take care of the patients the way we want to but have to follow all those stupid rules and that can take all the fun out of it. But Please come back because Dykstra is driving me nuts and when you are here i think you keep him busy so he does not bug me so much. Take care and God Bless. Will pray for all of you to have a safe trip home. Carla

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