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  1. Lauren Childs Says:

    Looking over the site and getting excited for you and Barb! Praying that your visit is a life-changing experience. Hand your cares over to the Lord and let me know how it all goes. I’ll try to keep up with your team’s progress on this site. Any blurbs you want to send would be appreciated.
    Love you guys!

  2. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Hi Tom,
    I have heard that you will be making sure all the building will be up to code. Have fun with that! I went once, and I’m sure the house I worked on would not pass the test.
    I am Larry Molegraaf’s wife, and will be watching for daily updates, and praying all the time for your team.
    Have a wonderful week.


  3. Rog Lutke Says:

    Hi Tom and Barb, we just want you to know we are praying for you as well as Drew back home. Our prayer is that you both will stay safe, healthy and do many good things. Please keep an eye on Jim, you know how those builder types like to cut corners on codes. God bless you both, Rog and Cheri Lutke

  4. Sandy Pols Says:

    How exciting for you! Had a little trouble getting on the web site but finally made it. We pray you will be a blessing to those around you and may this be an experience that God uses to draw you close to him in your journey …..Say “Hi” to Barb…..Case and San

  5. Tom Verkaik Says:

    Hi Tom and Barb!

    First off, Tom, make sure that Barb reads this as well. This is for her too! I’m hoping she’s not hurt if she doesn’t get a separate note of her own ; )

    Glad to see that you all made it down safely. You are probably in the middle of your first day of work right now. Our prayers are with you, that you both have a great week filled with God’s blessings! Oh, and Tom, make sure you keep the snakes away from my brother.

    Tom and Mary

  6. Rog Lutke Says:

    Hi Tom, I just saw the posting about your migaine, want you to know we’re praying that you get some relief. We also pray that you have food that agrees with you.
    Rog and Cheri

  7. Myrna Stienstra Says:


    Migraine aches are hard to deal with. Am hoping you can rest and drink fluids in a dark cool place. That sometimes helps me.

    Can you function some? I hope you can as one team needed you yesterday I read about it. Keep the building square!

    Praying you will be given relief from the head pain that affects the whole body.

  8. Justin and Dawn Beck Says:

    Tom and Barb,

    It is nice to see that you guys made it safely and are already working so hard. Please know that we have and will continue to be on our knees in prayer about your health. Drink lots of water! We hope that the rest of your time there goes smoothly and you are able to enjoy every moment of it. Work hard for the Lord and keep your eyes open for every opportunity He blesses you with.

    We can’t wait to hear your stories!

    Justin and Dawn

  9. Mary Molegraaf Says:

    Tom, I know how hard it is to miss work when it means so much to you to be a part of your team. I watched people go throught that when I was in Guatemala. I’ll pray for relief to come soon for you.
    Mary Molegraaf

  10. Colin Smidstra Says:

    Hi Tom

    Jill, I and Carly have been looking at all the pictures tonight. They are great. I hope things are going well for you. I pray for that. One question? It looks like there might be a building code problem with the house too close to the fence. What do you think.


  11. Ross Bosch Says:

    Yoo Dude man, how is that sun treaten ya, sorry I didnt write sooner, been really busy with the whole bachelor party, which by the way was just awsome worked out just perfect!!!!! Your house is still in one piece and I am just getting done picking up all of my snowmobiling stuff. I hope all is going just great down there cant wait to see you guys. I love you man!
    Luv always Your Favorite son

  12. Tom Says:

    Hey Ross,
    I’m glad that the bachelor parlor go so well. How did Scott like it? The weather has been great. Several nights ago we had an earthquake, however I didn’t notice it, I just thought it was a loud truck going by. This is quite the experience and hopefully you will be able to do this or something like this. Thats good that the house is still standing, but what about the car. Ha Ha
    Have a great day and give my best to your brothers and to Jess as well.
    Your favorite Dad

  13. Tom Says:

    I would like to say Thankyou to all who have been praying for me and my health. It has been going just great since. The morning that it was out, while laying in my bed resting I felt a small pop or release and my headache was gone. I was just tired which was great. God is good and prayers said in earnest are answered.
    It has been quite the experience. Seeing how they run wire to the bathroom facilities. But with everything that they don’t have, they are very happy and appreciative of the smallest of things.
    Please pray for a new friend of mine named Oscar, he is 22 years old and I feel very close to commiting his life to Christ.
    Yesterday afternoon we drove up the mountains. What a view as you look out over the valley. What a awesome country.
    We can’t wait to show some or all of the pictures that we took. Some of which might get somewhat boring, but they are remarkable.Well take care and may God bless you all at home. My typing skills are coming to an end.
    In Him

  14. Emily Boven Says:

    TOM TOM!!! hiii!!!! how are you doing??? lol i think that ‘earth quake’ was prolly ross’ party… hehe 😀 i hope you’re having fun in the sun! and ur migranes(sp?) about head aches..i can spell that–are going away!!! see you soon!!! if you could see me….i’d be waving my hand under my chin… 😉 hehe byee!!!!

  15. drew Says:

    hey dad i love you dog. hope your enjoying the weather. Its been fun around here sleeping at petroeljes. i cant wait for you guys to get back and to tell me the stories of your trip. I love you big guy.

  16. Tom Says:

    Please pray for the team to stay healthy for the rest of the trip/ Several are sick like Barb, Jess, Phylis and Mary V.Z. (flu)

  17. Tom Says:

    Please pray for the team to stay healthy for the rest of the trip. Several are sick like Barb, Jess, Phylis, and Mary V.Z. (flu) Even with all the sickness and flat tires and a van not wanting to start, the Lord made it a very succesful night. Many were saved, Praise the Lord.

  18. Tom Says:

    Thanks Drew for the prayers. I love You and pray for you often as well as Nate and Ross. God Bless you all. Dad

  19. Duane and Althea Bosch Says:

    We heard your message and glad to hear everything’s going well. Looking forward to seeing you when we get home. God is so good!
    Mom and Dad Bosch
    (typed by your favorite sister Lori)

    P.S. We are praying for the sick ones. Also for Oscar to commit his life to Christ. Hopefully, see you guys when I come up with Mom and Dad – March 11-14.
    Love you loads

  20. Tom Says:

    Nice to hear from you Mom, Dad and my favorite sister Lori. Thankyou for your prayers. I love you all

  21. Ross Bosch Says:

    Hey Dad Hope you are doing good. I got alot of stories to tell you I had an awsome weekend. I had a couple of friends over and we watched movies and played mad gatair hero it was awsome. Me and scott did so many things this weekend we had alot of fun. I hope you are. Drew didnt even want to stay home with me when I came home it was really weird he must be having alot of fun over there. Drew called last night a said that Trevor hit his car in the drive-way and comletly messed up his door. whats new right, at least we dont have to worry about crap like that happening to use drews car takes all of the betings for us ha ha. Anyway I love you tons hope all is well cant wait to here the stories, and have a safe trip back

  22. Tom Says:

    Hey Ross, I’m glad that the bachelor party went well. I’m looking forward to seeing you and showing you some of the pictures. It is definately a week that your mom and I will never forget, and a weekend that you should take some time. That is just crazy about Drews car. Well take care and I love you.

  23. Tom Says:

    I would like to thank all of you out there for the prayers and the e-mails. It’s amazing how uplifting that these messages are. Again thankyou very much.

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